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Criticism Of Professional Athletes: Never Great Enough. by @ChicksDigHockey

It really bugs me when fans are brutal and relentless in their criticism of professional athletes who are experiencing a slump or whose skills are showing their age. Those leveling criticism aren’t those who have been where that athlete is now. Why do people who have no experience of top-level sport feel compelled to advise …

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For Every #Pens Fan Dying To Be In The Building For A Playoff Game- Here’s The Opening Sequence. LETS GO #PENS!!!

People start to freak out and honestly… its the coolest damn thing to be a part of. “This is what you play for…”

NHL LOCKOUT: Where To Go From Here? Will There Be A Hero?

Not that the lockout ever wasn’t, but the situation just got a whole lot more serious.  The owners came up (or down depending on how you look at it) to a 50/50 deal, allowing for a full 82 games if signed by October 25th, to allow a November 2nd start.  Even after a group-wide agreement …

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NHL LOCKOUT UPDATE: Interested In Seeing the NHL’s Full Proposal to the NHLPA? Here It Is.

The PR battle for the fans seems to be raging right now.  The NHL has proposed a 50/50 deal with the NHLPA.  Fehr’s initial response was typical in that he wanted to take time with it, read it thoroughly, and reexamine everything else still on the table.  You can probably bet, a counter proposal will …

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NEW INSIDER NHL Lockout Information: Straight From The COO’s Mouth At The Round Table

                      Not that I was going to post names or locations anyway, but for the sake of keeping everyone out of trouble and encouraging new information to continually be funneled my way, I held off on posting this until today because I was kindly asked to …

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