#Pens V Flyers: The Pregame Rivalry Breakdown – by @AmandaMarieY

Well Pens fans, here we go. The first game of the season against our biggest rival. As the Pens try to extend their lead in the metropolitian division vs the flyers it seems as if Pens are the favorite due to each teams current record. 5-1 vs 1-6, from the looks of those numbers, the odds are in Pittsburghs favor. Any Pittsburgh or Philly fan should recognize that the current record needs to be ignored, when these two teams meet up records do not matter much. This is going to be an epic battle as always.

Pittsburgh fans should be ecstatic to see what Sid the kid will bring to the table tonight. His best stats are against the Flyers, he has scored 28 goals against them which is more than any other team. Plus he loves to beat on them. Pittsburgh is a lethal team with many powerful weapons. The positives on the Pens part is that they can play a consistant hockey game all 3 periods. Pittsburgh is pretty set defensively and so far their offense and goaltending have been on point! Fans need to remember that it is very early in the season, so hopefully Pittsburgh can hang on to the style of hockey they have been playing.

The Penguins last game against Edmonton showed a weakness against a fast playing team, yet the experience that the Penguins have outshined their quickness on the ice. I am predicting that the Oilers will be a contender in about two seasons if they keep the core of their team. The Canadian teams need to watch out because a storm is brewing in Edmonton and it is going to hit big in a couple of seasons! I love the fact that hockey fans are seeing a few very young teams bring back the style of hockey that is fast, fun, and exciting to watch.

Tonights matchup will be a bit different than Pittsburgh and Edmonton. The fans are going to see some dirty griddy hockey on the ice. It doesn’t help the fact that Philly plays very dirty, especially when Pittsburgh is thrown into the mix. Last season the Pens won 3 out of the 4 games that they played agains the Flyers, 2 of those wins were in Philidelphia, so the Flyers will be coming at the Pens with a vengence.

Giroux had stated that they are an improving team and anyone that understands hockey will see that despite their record, they are a solid hockey team that needs to learn how to hold their lead through the 3rd and come out with the W. In my opinion, almost doesn’t count. A team can play their hearts out for 2 periods, but if they can’t seal the deal and stay that consistent throughout the entire game, they are NOT a good hockey team. Giroux please stop making excuses and realize that your team is full of nothing but goons. “Almost” wins will not get a team into the playoffs and will not give a team the chance to raise Lord Stanleys cup over their head.

The “somewhat” respect I had for the Flyers ALL went out the door when they signed Jamir Jagr two seasons back. If they can take a sellout player from your rival city to try and shake them up, you deserve no respect. Also, any team that allows Jagr to now skate with their sweater on, I can not respect. He is a sellout team hopper who is chasing a cup that he will never receive. I will applaud every game that he loses with great joy.

Now that my Jagr rant is over, fans, this game will be very interesting to watch. Regardless of each teams record or what they have to put on the ice, this show has never and will never disappoint. Another thing fans should be extremely excited to see is Hal Gill and Rob Scuderi playing on oposite rivaling defenses. I was a HUGE fan of the Scuderi Gill defense that pittsburgh had when we won the cup back in ’09. When Pittsburgh aquired Scuderi this season fans should have felt like a little kid on christmas morning, I know I did. The icing on top of the cake would have been if Hal Gill returned as well, bringing back Pittsburgh’s “bash brothers”, but that is not the case. The fans get to watch two gritty defenders who knows each others game very well battle it out.

This is going to be a very fun game which Pittsburgh will hopefully come out with the W and extend their record to 6-1. As everyone say’s in pittsburgh from the GREAT Badger Bob, It’s a GREAT day for hockey, and LETS GO PENS!


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