#TunesdayTuesday: Palisades – “Bad Girls”.

This week’s Tunesday Tuesday features a band I stumbled across about eight months ago tops, and have been promoting them ever since to whomever will listen to me. Palisades is a crazy band and finding their album “Outcasts” was a pleasant surprise. To people who need to categorize music so they can either take part in it or distance themselves from it entirely, Palisades’ heavy, driving guitars and the singer’s screaming vocals will quickly get them pegged as a genre comparable/equivalent to “hard-core”. That’s just not the clear cut case, though.

Palisades draws from that hard-core genre, sure, but they’re really more of a convergence of everything that’s big right now. Their singer, Louis Miceli, while definitely a talented screamer, is much more of a utility vocalist. His ability to scream, sing melody with a growl, or wail a clean tone in a high register is honed in and he can transition from one to the other with ease. Bassist, Brandon Sidney, has an unbelievable R&B vocal tone. There’s elements of rap and hip hop throughout. They incorporate EDM and sampling as alternate sources for melody. The hooks are as poppy and catchy as any mainstream radio hit. And of course, they absolutely tie it all in with a high energy blend of post hard-core/rock/pop punk/screamo/etc… styling.

Palisades is a solid balance of musical diversity and it’s time to hear exactly what I mean by that.

Palisades – “Bad Girls”

“Bad Girls” is the 3rd track off of their newest album, Mind Games. It’s a solid song, but not what I consider to be the best on the album. I chose it because it has really clear and distinct parts where each portion of the band’s diversity shines through. The album as a whole is killer and an easy listen from front to back. And despite battling against the sound of a terrible venue, they’re great live too.


Palisades is certainly evolving in their song writing and zeroing in on their identity as their popularity increases, but the pieces have always been in place. I’ve baited tons of people in with this song before so there’s no reason to not wrangle a few more in with it now. Palisades’ Outcasts album is just as solid so if you’re new to the band, you have two great albums to catch up on.

Palisades – “High and Low”

That about does it for this week’s Tunesday Tuesday. What did you think of Palisades? Do you have any suggestions for future Tunesday Tuesday posts??? I’m all for suggestions! Throw them in the comments and I’ll see you down there.

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By: Eli Rebich