Penn State University: Moving On. Putting the Joe Paterno Era Behind You.

“WE ARE… PENN STATE!!!” “We are 96,000 strong!!!” … and so shall you ever be, if you choose to be.  Whether you agree with the sanctions handed down or not, they were.  Based on opinions that I’m still hearing and reading, many people do not grasp why everything came down the way it did. Many certainly …

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To All My Pitt Fans Out There, This Is Awesome 1st Person Footage From The Last Game In Pitt Stadium vs ND #HAILTOPITT

I remember everything about my day, the day of the last game at Pitt stadium.  I remember beating Notre Dame.  I remember everyone rushing the field.  I remember the turf being torn up and the field goal posts being ripped down (when Pitt had an away game left and needed to practice there still).  I …

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