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If You’re A Steelers Supporter, You’re An NFL Supporter And EVERYTHING That Comes With It.

I preface this by saying I’m not putting myself on any pedestal because I’m saying this. For everything that I qualify for, I’m as guilty as the next person who does the same. I’m just not afraid to admit my own level of apathy and to call Steelers fans and all NFL fans out for …

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Penn State University: Moving On. Putting the Joe Paterno Era Behind You.

“WE ARE… PENN STATE!!!” “We are 96,000 strong!!!” … and so shall you ever be, if you choose to be.  Whether you agree with the sanctions handed down or not, they were.  Based on opinions that I’m still hearing and reading, many people do not grasp why everything came down the way it did. Many certainly …

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If You Thought The Sandusky Scandal Was Messed Up As Is… Check Out How Japan Perceives It!!!

Even Japan recognizes the corruption in college sports when it comes to TV contracts and sports revenues.  I’ve seen a number of these animations, and while this one is still very over the top, it demonstrates a strong understanding of whats going on over here.  By over the top, I mean Sandusky taking dead Joepa’s halo …

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