#TunesdayTuesday: A Skylit Drive – “Within These Walls” & “Rise: Ascension” An Unexpected Incredible Acoustic Album

It’s Tuesday again so like every Tuesday, it’s a #TunesdayTuesday. This week, I think the most appropriate word to describe this post’s inception is “unexpected” or maybe even “unlikely”. In that same breath, I should also immediately make mention that A Skylit Drive turned into nothing short of a pleasant surprise.

If you know me, you know my music taste is beyond picky and I’m a tough critic no matter what. I can’t even lighten up on my friends’ bands music, though I’m polite enough to leave my opinion out of the mix since there’s truly nothing constructive about “Hey, I just don’t like anything you’re creating.” A Skylit Drive was a band that I had written off a long time ago. That being the case, they fell off my radar. In my pursuit for new music, I came across a 2014 album release from A Skylit Drive titled, Rise: Ascension.


If I’m being honest, I hit play expecting to be moving onto another band a few seconds later. I anticipated a full band of aggressive driving guitars, forced/misplaced screaming vocals, and a high pitched melodic vocal to pull the song back to Earth and deliver the hook. Nope. Acoustic album. A reimagining of their 2013 album, Rise. I hadn’t listened to the original to realize how well the band translated the album into an acoustic style until after I listened to Rise:Ascention in its entirety, but it didn’t matter yet. What mattered was A Skylit Drive earned their way back onto my radar.

A Skylit Drive – Rise: Ascension (Full Album)

There’s a realization going on in the hardcore/post hardcore/metal core/screamo/etc. scene and if I can put it into a concise statement, I think it goes something like this: “Screaming vocals will quickly categorize our music, quality music as a whole will set us apart within our genre.” It’s nothing beyond common sense but it seems very few bands catch onto that notion, certainly not in the way A Skylit Drive has demonstrated their evolution through it. Rise is a great album, but their ability to show their music can stand alone without the stylized gimmick of screaming to keep it afloat… for me, that makes them a solid band.

A Skylit Drive has had some recent member changes and that can be concerning to long-time fans. New members bring new styles and new sounds to a band that already has an established, cherished identity. It’s good not to leave them wondering too long what that might sound like. Earlier this month, Askylit Drive gave their fans a little taste of something new and what’s to come.

A Skylit Drive – “Within These Walls”

There you have it. Both ends of the spectrum that is A Skylit Drive. So what did you think of “Within These Walls” and the Rise: Ascension album? The band has been around for a while, were you already a fan or is this your first time digging into their music? Hit up the comments with your thoughts and any future #TunesdayTuesday suggestions and I’ll see you down there.

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By: Eli Rebich