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Jurassic World Review: It’s Brand New, But You’ve Seen This Movie Already.

You can’t really do a review without pumping out some spoilers, so if you read on, you’ve been warned. I have to be honest though… this movie is nothing you haven’t already seen before. Jurassic Park is loved by pretty much everybody with eyeballs. A dinosaur movie that finally brings the most vicious ┬áprehistoric predators …

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Mega Shark vs Kolossus (Giant Titan). Eat Your Heart Out Sharknado.

There’s no hiding the fascination humans have with sharks. It’s probably pretty safe to say that across all generations, as kids, almost everyone thought sharks were as cool as they are scary. That’s pretty much where they’ve existed in pop culture for as long as pop culture has existed. You know… because sharks predate human …

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