My Facebook Rant: Chris Rainey/Steelers/This IS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN The NFL… NOT Its New Image.



I have to appreciate my cousins because they’re all very sane and very charged over the topic of sports.  Today, my cousin posted a comment directed to me and another cousin, looking to get some opinions and start a little conversation.  I might have killed the entire conversation because I didn’t just reply… I ranted pretty hardcore.  My response probably isn’t much of a shock if you read my post on Alameda Ta’amu’s drunken rampage.

Here’s the question my cousin posed:

“Chris Rainey dropped by Steelers. Watch him go to a team with a decent special teams
and wreak havoc on returns. Opinions?”

Here’s my response (excuse the excessive casual typing and bad grammar):


“as far as rainey coming back to bite us on another team… the potential is there but more because the steelers are a much worse team than we’re used to seeing. he’s fast and can cut, but its not like he has 1000 yards returning n 4 special teams td’s on the year. thats why he was considered expendable and now let go. the steelers r in their own way in a big way, team management wise. what makes us that way is the lack of readiness we have behind the starters. usually when u have a team that has weathered/”experienced”/aged/older players like what we have, management is stacking the team like shark teeth. one falls out, the next fills the gap and can take over. whether its having someone we thought would be ready by now n hasn’t panned out, or just not having anyone at all thats close to being ready to take over, the steelers are in trouble in a way i’m just not used to seeing from them. Rainey is another setback on that already long list because now we need a new kick returner on top of filling in all the other gaps.

also, a tip of the cap to social media. there is absolutely nothing anyone can hide anymore. the steelers were never a group of amazing people, being model citizens, on the best team in the world. they were just afforded the opportunity to look that way because they could hide the bullshit back then. smartphones n social media isn’t giving the nfl an image problem, its just revealing its true image. the nfl is ultimately a league full of criminals. there are some good guys. they exist. just not in the majority and by a large margin at that. the one player truly known for being a great guy n a decent role model, is being run out of the league because of that very reason (Tebow). how does that happen? Ray Lewis is canonized after being brought up on double-homicide charges but tebow is a nightmare to fans n the league cuz he prays n chooses to not have sex… really??? n who knows what kind of player he might have turned out to be without the constant circus all over him for pretty much no football related reason. we’ll never know. now he’s a league-wide joke. the nfl, all the way around, has no moral compass. anything that looks like they’ve made the right decision on, is only because they first deemed it to have little to no effect on a team’s success.

i like football. it entertains me. i get into the games. i hate pro athletes. i hate that i know their personalities. i hate how absolutely bricks for brains stupid they are and sound, for the most part. i hate that i can find out what they’re doing at any given time of the day if i really wanted to. i hate that they volunteer that information to us by having their own accounts. n i hate seeing all of that dirty laundry out there so clearly, n teams only taking strong action if they can be easily replaced. n i definitely hate the moron fans that ignore the reality of all of this.

Where’s Goodell??? Where’s the ginger hammer??? Where is his old power stance on cleaning up the league??? empty promises. fat ass green packed pockets.”