NBC’s Milbury And Roenick Are Jokes And Make FOOLS Of Themselves On Live TV. @NBCSports @pghpenguins #pens

As far back as I can remember, NBC has never been a quality channel for hockey.  I don’t think there is a single person in Pittsburgh that would say they enjoy when NBC picks up a game.  Watching Mike Milbury and Jeremy Roenick drop all professionalism and let their argument spiral out of  control, was somewhat poetic.  It further reiterates what a horrible crew of analysts NBC employs and what a joke their team is, especially with Milbury and Roenick’s incorporation within it.  Lets all sit back and enjoy them make absolute fools of themselves on live television.  Lets go Pens.  Lets hope this hit on Letang is just a bad scare and he’s really ok to go.

Milbury and Roenick making complete asses of themselves… GO!!!