Ike Taylor Is Worse At Rapping Than Pulling In Interceptions… If You Can Believe That. @steelers @Ike_SwagginU

Ike Taylor is famous for making himself sound ridiculously unintelligent every single time he talks to the media.  That’s kind of funny to say because you’d think he’d only be famous for playing pro football.  Well, here’s just one more thing to add to the top of that pile of examples… except he probably rehearsed this multiple times before tracking it.

Of all the interceptions he should have had last season, he only came down with 2.  If you compare his rap performance to his ability to create a turnover, he is actually better at pulling down interceptions.  If you’re able to do that math, it’s not saying a whole lot about his rap career.  Ike… if you “BTL-in”… you probably shouldn’t be ’bout that RAP life and focus on a WHLOE LOT more on football.  And by the way… it should be “ATL-in” because “about” has an “A” as its first letter.  We all learned that in our pre-elementary days, that includes you.  Again, we all recognize that intelligence isn’t your game… and neither is rap.

Let’s see some forced turnovers this season, “Swaggin”… unless of course, you like the nickname “Brick-Hands Taylor”.