#yinzerTalk : Civic Arena. Mellon Arena. I Have My Piece

As anyone who has been in the “Dahn Tahn” area of Pittsburgh knows, the Igloo is being stripped apart, piece by piece.  Whether you remember it as the Civic Arena or the Mellon Arena, I guess it doesn’t much matter.  What matters is that you remember it.  I made sure to take a picture of it after the Pens/Caps game when Geno ended it in overtime.  This is it below:

Our parents have told us all on a number of different occasions, you start to have deeper appreciations for things as you get older.  For me, this is one of those realizations.  For generations, the Igloo sat on top of the hill and became one of the most popular skyline images of the city.  For almost 10 years straight, I went to school and was immediately employed after graduation by Duquesne University and I would see the arena every single day.  I can’t imagine how much personality will be lost from that view once its completely gone.

My sister is a wise, wise woman and the force is very strong with her.  Knowing what big sports fans, home-towners and sentimentalists my family is, for Christmas, she took it upon herself to make sure we all owned a piece of the Igloo.  The Pens released special ornaments made from the steel roof they stripped from the arena, benefiting the Penguins Foundation Youth Charity.  The ornaments were made signature through Wendell August Forge and made into two different designs.  There has been an overwhelming demand for the ornaments so I’m not sure if there are any left or not.  If there are, you can get more information here.  On Super Bowl Sunday, I got together with my family to watch Tom Brady create the new web picture fad, “Bradying”, and my sister presented all of us with our Christmas gifts.  A timeless piece of time.  A piece of home no matter where we go. Our very own personal piece of the Civic Arena.

Below is my ornament she bought for me and even though I thanked her profusely when she gave it to me, another thank you never hurts.  Thanks, Dana.  There are very few things that I own, that I can say I value more than this… and it doesn’t event have anything to do with Star Wars.  You rule.