Troy Polamalu, I Trolled Twitter To Compile 20 Videos Of You Being Amazing.

If you’re here reading this, you already know that Troy Polamalu has decided to retire after 12 years of being with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Troy Polamalu is an icon. Even non-football fans know who number 43 with the flowy dark hair, wearing black and gold is. The best part about that is, sure… they definitely know him for his look and the Head and Shoulders commercials, but they absolutely know he’s also one of the greats. One of the best to play the game.

If you’re reading this right now, there’s probably nothing I could put in here that you don’t already know. Troy Polamalu is dynamic and memorable, so I won’t sit here and try to rehash everything you already know. Instead, lets do it another way. Why just remember how great Troy Polamalu was on the field when we could see it all over again? That’s the direction we’ll take this.

Before we jump into the videos, I think it’s worthwhile to note how unique Troy Polamalu was to the NFL beyond his play. The NFL has been on a downhill PR slide for years. It seems like year-round, there’s new weekly stories of NFL players facing legal issues. Through all 12 years as an NFL player, from start to finish, Troy Polamalu was one of the good guys… and he was our good guy. He was someone you could be proud about owning his jersey and wearing it around with his name across your shoulders. He was someone you could be proud about having on your team, not just because he was incredible on the field, but because he was exactly the type of person you would want to represent you, your team, and your city, off the field as well. As fans, we were lucky to get to see his entire career with him wearing our logo. As a city, we are lucky to have Troy Polamalu here as one of us and be embraced by him in return.

Thanks for everything, Troy. I think it’s safe to say I’m speaking for the entire city of Pittsburgh and all of Steeler Nation when I say, it’s been an honor and a privilege to cheer you on.

Troy Polamalu being amazing… like it’s all he knows how to do.





















Even though we wont be seeing number 43 on the sidelines anymore, we’ll still be cheering on the black and gold all the same. We’re Steeler Nation and we’re all about strength in numbers so link up with me on facebooktwitter and instagram.

By: Eli Rebich