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You Want To See 13 Minutes of the 165 Minute Dark Knight Rises Flick, You Say?… Ok.

Enjoy bat brains.

#FridayFunny – I Just Made Up This Category Because This Batman Video Is SO DAMN FUNNY!!!

This is so unbelievably funny, I thought I was going to get fired because I was laughing so hard in the middle of my office.  The Dark Knight In Real Life. Enjoy.  

YET ANOTHER New The Dark Knight Rises Trailer: Fans More Like Two Face’s Face and NOT His Coin

The phrase, “everyone’s a critic” has only ever continued holding more and more water as the social media craze has taken the world by storm.  I’m adding to it right now, in fact.  As the last chapter in the Batman reboot grows near, it is my experience that the fans are divided into two different …

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NEW Dark Knight Trailer: The Teasers For It Are So Good, It’s Torture To Wait For. #Pittsburgh

I haven’t posted a ton on the site lately.  I apologize for that.  Last month was absolutely nuts and this month is no better.  May is insane for me.  Jedi’s get busy in the spring.  I had to put this up when I saw it, though.  The Dark Knight saga has been off the charts …

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