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You Can Play Pac-Man On Real Streets… Like Around Pittsburgh’s Point State Park

One of the greatest of all the greats as far as video games are concerned, is Pac-Man. Hands down. No Question. Pac-Man was so good that all they needed to do was put a bow and some lipstick on Pac-Man and Mrs. Pac-Man was born. There was almost no change at all to the Pac-Man …

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Medium: The New Social Media Tool. It Can Be Super Intelligent OR As Dumb As The World Already Is. @medium

Presenting… MEDIUM!!! Welcome to the love child created by the makers of Blogger and Twitter.  I think we all can agree that with “advances” being made to Facebook and Twitter, sometimes it feels more like a setback or an unnecessary, reinvention of the wheel.  “Things seemed so perfect and now everything is different and I …

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Google’s Project Glass: Through Someone Else’s Eyes… Literally.

Google showed a product demo of how Project Glass would look while streaming video.  To make sure that there’s no confusion on the quality, they had extreme athletes jump out of an airplane wearing Project Glass headsets and stream video of each other, live over the web.  Of course, this was probably tested 10 or …

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