A Steelers Morning: If You Weren’t Ready For Today, You Will Be After This! @steelers

I have posted versions of this on my personal facebook page for years… this is my Steelers opening day tradition.


A Steelers Morning:

There is a feeling you only get waking up on game day in Pittsburgh.  The season you’ve waited ever so patiently for, is finally here.  No more talk of prospects, camp and off-season theories – just anticipation.  It’s September.  The Pittsburgh weather is showing its familiar signs of transition.  A transition we’re all ready for.  Cool, dew-covered mornings, bright sun, warm afternoons and colorful sunsets leading us back into cooler evenings.  Our wardrobes rotate into the next phase of its usual rotation – much of it including black and gold with three colored diamonds integrated within.  This is a time we know.  This is familiar weather… football weather.  This is Steelers weather.

Everyone has their routines.  Everyone approaches the day the way that best suits their needs to get themselves going.  This suits us as people – as individuals.  Today is different.  Today we’ve never been more similar.  However your day begins; getting ready for work, preparing for school, gearing up for a much needed day off, whatever it may be… undoubtedly, theres something extra in the air today.  There’s an energy that has been building for the better part of a year.  It’s strong.  We have all contributed to it.  I have contributed to it.  YOU have contributed to it.  This energy is beyond strong… it’s binding.  As individual as we may seem… today, we are connected.

Today we are the same.  No matter the difference in our day, today it is all identical.  It surrounds one sole purpose.  No matter how much or little is on your mind, it’s envisioned in black and gold.  No matter where your feet meet ground, there’s Pittsburgh in your walk.  No matter what it is you do, its done with Steelers Pride.  We are warriors of like mind and conviction, with focus on the task at hand and always aware of the ultimate goal.

Me… I awake and prepare my morning’s food.  Today a journey begins.  Getting dressed, I choose my ceremonial armor wisely.  Only black and gold will do.  I look to the door – the official beginning of the end.  Nearby, I see my shoes sitting neatly side by side.  They will carry me far.  Putting the right on my right and the left on my left, I take a deep breath, find my center, and walk out that door knowing everyone else in Pittsburgh did the exact same thing AND STARTED OUR MARCH TOGETHER, UP THE STAIRWAY TO SEVEN BABY!!!