SITE LAUNCH!!!/Pens/Force Future/ #yinzertalk

Presenting…PITTSBURGHJEDI.COM!!!! There will never be an actual finished version of the site so look forward to seeing constant evolution.  There are plenty of empty spots in the site right now but not for long.  I have a ton of innovative ideas and can’t wait to start moving forward with them.  For now, stay tuned and keep posted with everything sports/geek/awesome related.

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I want to rant on and on about today’s game but I don’t feel that today is the day for a novel.  There are a couple of high points I would like to emphasize.  There is no doubt in my mind that every player in the NHL is aware of the devastating 108.8mph slapshot that Chara possesses.  The skills test during the All-star break can be pretty revealing in that realm.  Thank god nobody from the Pens had to subject themselves to getting infront of it.  Thats an instant recipe for new injury.  Then there’s good ‘ol political Tim Thomas… lately, he hasn’t been as hot as he’s displayed all season and I thank him for maintaining his mild streak today.  Marc Andre Fleury is dubbed “The Flower” due to the translation of his name, but he should be called something much more manly and balls-possessive.  How about, “Marc Andre Nasty” because he is playing out of control this year?  I always root for a shutout but I’ll always settle for a win.  Fleury is playing amazing right now.  Lastly… Orpik layed one of the biggest open ice hits I have ever witnessed… of course theres video of it all over the internet.  That’s unfortunate if you just got launched across an ice rink on national television. Enjoy… its a hit!

Like I said, there’s a ton coming down the pipe right now that I want to do for the site.  Keep posted and come back. Comment and converse.  The force is strong with this city and all mentions of it.  The only true authentic speech in this city is completely natural and 100% from the heart… #yinzerTalk  .