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Star Wars Anime: One Of The Most Visually Amazing Cult Genre Crossovers EVER!!! @starwars

Whether you’re an anime fan or not, it is still some of the most detailed and visually impressive artwork, especially in motion format, that has ever existed.  Sure there are some bubblegum versions of it and it can be over the top, but the entire Asian entertainment culture is pretty over the top, in general. …

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It’s Not A Sin To Smile On A Day Of Heavy Hearts: Remembering The Death Star – A College Humor Tribute To 9/11

This is one of those days where everyone remembers the very same day, in a million different ways.  You know where you were, your friends were, your family members were and when you actually got to see everything that happened on 9/11, whether live or rebroadcast.  I can tell you I was in Mr. Beck’s …

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It’s Not Exactly A Star Wars Speeder, But This Is Legitimately A Flying Hover Bike.

If this guy was dressed up like a forest storm trooper, a rebel in camo, or an ewok, this video would be a million times more impressive than it already is.  The bike can go as fast as 30mph and be as high as 15 feet off the ground.  Which celebrity will own one first?

Most Of These Star Fighters Are From Star Wars. OF COURSE I’m Going To Post It. @starwars #starwars

What can I say… this is freakin’ awesome.  Period.  

“Call Me Maybe” is Finally Put Into A Format Worth Listening To.

Star Wars, once again, turns something unbearable to listen to and makes it listenable and funny.  Star Wars “Call Me Maybe”.  Enjoy!