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Name: Eli Rebich
Date registered: January 29, 2012
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Never tell me the odds... I'm a Jedi.

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Star Wars Prequels DON’T Suck. The Edits You’ve Been Looking For.

So here’s the deal. Watching Star Wars is pretty much a must (even the Star Wars prequel trilogy). I always try to help people catch up as best I can. I even posted a way for people to watch all of the Star Wars movies at one time. But now it’s time to go a …

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Passions Are Easy To Lose Sight Of And Detrimental If Lost.

I always feel the need to preface pieces like the one I’m about to write with a disclaimer. I don’t think this is going to be anything that will offend anyone, but people tend to seek out ways to spin things negatively so they can put you on blast. Although I feel this can be …

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If You’re A Steelers Supporter, You’re An NFL Supporter And EVERYTHING That Comes With It.

I preface this by saying I’m not putting myself on any pedestal because I’m saying this. For everything that I qualify for, I’m as guilty as the next person who does the same. I’m just not afraid to admit my own level of apathy and to call Steelers fans and all NFL fans out for …

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Stop Confessing To Me You’ve Never Seen The Star Wars Movies. Here’s All 6 At Once.

So here’s a totally real page of my life that if I were an actual book, as a sort of prank, the publisher of my book seemingly photocopied this single page about 1 million times and stuck those identical pages randomly between all the other pages inside my story’s front and back covers. I can’t even begin to …

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#TunesdayTuesday: Picturesque Releases Video For “Speak Softly”

This very well may be the first time that a band has been featured twice in the #TunesdayTuesday series. It’s a well-deserved follow up. Picturesque has a lot to offer for being such a new band. That probably sounds a little steep considering they’ve only released 3 songs and acoustic versions of those 3 songs. …

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